This modern loft in NYC’s financial district fuses Scandinavian minimalism with New York City chic. This project was a complete renovation that included a total change in layout, the addition of a second bathroom and also relocating and redesigning the staircase in this 2 story loft. I was involved with every decision from layout/architectural design through furniture selections and down to selecting and styling the final accessories and decor. This renovation was not without its drama and challenges and I would be happy to elaborate should you be interested in this aspect of the story. My clients are a young and energetic couple who were newlywed when we started our work together. They are both fun and stylish and embody the quintessential Manhattan lifestyle. They are busy professions who spend much of their time out and about, like most city dwellers.  We wanted to create a calming space to recharge when the opportunity to stay in presented itself.  They love to travel and were inspired by the minimalism and serenity often embodied by modern hotel design. Since my background is rooted in hospitality design, this made us a perfect match. Their love for hotels fused with their appreciation for the Scandinavian aesthetic informed our every decision. As a matter of fact, many of the accessories were hand selected during a shopping trip to Copenhagen.We created a uniform and neutral palette in the architectural finishes. Bleached oak and white walls create an unfussy and airy backdrop for the streamlined and ever so slightly color tinged furnishings we selected. We used oversized tiles for the bathrooms to create a sense of openness. We also went with oversized mirrors to bounce light around the once dingy spaces. Our Italian kitchen features the same slab style doors as the bathroom vanities, to create a cohesion through their home. The neutral palette of bleached oak, stark white, creamy beige tones, blackened metal, blush and terracotta tones weave through every room and create a calming aesthetic.




    Interior Design